Updated: August 23, 2016

OPEN-O is a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project (The Project) and open source community that is developing a large-scale orchestration platform for communications service providers.

This document describes a Code of Conduct (CoC) to ensure we maintain a vibrant community, effective leadership, and motivate inclusive participation for all participating in the project. Our values are incorporated into the CoC summarized below:

  • Act Professionally: Be courteous, respectful, and polite to fellow community members.
  • Tolerance (Always): OPEN-O is a diverse community spanning multiple dimensions. No racial, retional, gender, or other abuse will be tolerated
  • We value diversity and Inclusiveness: Encourage everyone in our community to feel welcome, regardless of their background, extent of their contribution, language skills, and knowledge of the project. We encourage participation in our community, and will not tolerate exclusionary behavior.
  • Be careful in the words that we choose: We value professionalism in all communications, and hold participants accountable for their words. Choose words that reflect our values, and never insult, denigrate, or put down other participants. Harassment and other exclusionary behavior are unacceptable, including (but not limited to):
    • Violent threats or language directed against anyone
    • Sexist, racist, or otherwise discriminatory jokes and language
    • Posting sexually explicit or violent material
    • Posting (or threatening to post) other people’s personal identification
    • Sharing private content without prior consent, such as emails send privately or non-publicly, or unlogged forums such as private IMs
    • Personal insults, especially those using racist, sexist, or regional terms
    • Unwelcome sexual attention
    • Bullying or repeated harassment of others. In general, if someone asks you to stop, then stop
    • Advocating not reporting or encouraging any of the above behavior
  • Be sensitive to language and culture: Our community is very diverse, and consists of many whose first language is other than English. Use simple, and unambiguous terms, and avoid phrases that those outside of your region would not necessarily understand.
  • Keep it legal: Share only content that you own; do not share private, sensitive, and otherwise confidential information, and do not violate the appropriate agreements, licensing, and the law.
  • Use the Email Lists: Avoid sending emails and other Project business to individual members. Project email lists are logged, backed up, etc.
  • Include the Group: For major issues, involve the entire group. Avoid side discussions, and other interactions that exclude the group of interest (i.e., Governing Board, TSC, etc.)
  • Respect the Group’s Time: Since there is no shortage of Group Business, it is important that communications are concise and to the point. Avoid off-topic discussions that consume valuable group time, especially for larger groups (e.g., TSC).
  • Respect all Project forums: The previous list applies to all forums of interactions including, but not limited to: conference calls, meetings, IRC, mailing lists, etc. Events that take place in public spaces, such as conferences, meetups, etc. will generally have their own code of conduct, or similar guidelines. As such, the guidelines for specific events should be followed.
  • Consideration of your Peers: Project participants will frequently join and leave the project. Should participants leave, we request that each individual disengage from the project with the minimum disruption, by offering:
    • Notify your peers you are stepping back
    • Transition plans
    • Train new participants on the area you were responsible for
    • Supporting Project participants, even after you step back

Keep in mind:

  • Your work will be used by other people (typically multiple), and you in turn, will depend on the work of others
  • Decisions you make will typically affect others in the community
  • Disagreements are inevitable, but should not be an excuse to limit progress. When disagreements do arise, work together to reach an effective compromise to the extent feasible
  • Because of the broad cultural diversity, participants may not understand jokes, sarcasm, and culture-specific references, and hence they should be avoided
  • Sexist, racist, cultural, and other prejudicial and exclusionary comments will not be tolerated in the community
  • You are participating in an open source software project that has global scope. In all interactions, please be sensitive to others and how the tone and content of statement may be mis-interpreted and mis-understood by others.

Incident Procedures
To report any incidents where your believe that this Code of Conduct is violated, immediately notify the project leadership at: report@open-o.org, including a description of the incident, and any supporting details.

Every effort will be taken to investigate the incident, and protect the community while the investigation is underway. The Linux Foundation reserves the right to take appropriate action, potentially including the removal of an individual from any and all participation in the Project. The
Linux Foundation will work towards an equitable resolution of the incident, including protecting the rights of the accused.

The OPEN-O Code of Conduct was adapted from the Cloud Foundry Code of Conduct, which was based on practices from several projects.