OPEN-O is seeking to offer network operators an incremental path to transform their networks, and OSS/BSS, through adoption of SDN and NFV without scrapping the vast investments in existing equipment and technologies.


The mission of the OPEN-Orchestrator Project (OPEN-O) is to: enable end-to-end service agility across SDN, NFV, and legacy networks via a unified orchestration platform supporting NFV orchestration (NFVO and VNFM) and SDN orchestration.

Target Customers

OPEN-O is targeting the world’s most important and innovative telecommunications and cable operators, and the OEMs, systems integrators, and software firms who support them.

OPEN-O Architecture

The OPEN-O Architecture (shown in the Figure below), enables operators to orchestrate end-to- end composite services, leveraging virtualized (and physical network functions), and SDN and legacy connectivity services. The model-driven service framework uses standard modeling languages including TOSCA and YANG, and a modular approach to integrate with MANO building blocks (such as VIMs and VNFMs), along with Connectivity Services Management, including SDN Controllers, EMS’ and NMS’.

OPEN-O Architecture

Figure 1: OPEN-O Architecture

Major Milestones